Madrid Hackathon

In Madrid, in a cool location in the centre of the city, Red Hat sponsored a IoT hackathon, 3 groups used RHMAP (Red Hat Mobile Application Platform) to build their entry for the competition. Over the course of two days (19 - 20th November), 11 groups and 6 individuals battled to find out who could build the best application.

Windows phone_20151119_22_36_23_Rich_LI Windows phone_20151119_10_39_06_Rich_LI

We where there to get them going and help where needed. For most of them doing anything mobile or IoT was completely new, but they had some experience with Node.js, once we explained them how things globally worked and shown them how to build a simple “Hello World” they where off. Remarkably, little help was needed the most questions we got where: “how do I do ‘xyz’” or “what is the best approach to add a feature like this”. Although I had explained that you could develop / run things locally some contestants where comfortable using a online approach developing locally and testing the app in the ‘App Preview’ window.

It wasn’t all work, there was some entertainment as well, there where some guys making jokes and some presentations about the possible future of IoT. Everything that happened was documented with some sketch notes. My portrait is also on it:Windows phone_20151119_20_45_17_Rich_LI 

One of “our” teams won the big prize of 6000 euros, they got 2 checks like the one in the picture. As you can see from the eyes they pulled an “all nighter” to get something cool in the end.


So a very successful and cool event, for us an opportunity to see how easy it is to get going on the platform and get ideas to improve the getting started. Till next year.