Upcoming deployment of version 3.9 of the Red Hat Mobile Application Platform

The deployment of v3.9 of the Red Hat Mobile Application Platform will begin for actively updated Grids on March 29th. It may take up to a week for all Grids to be updated.

There may be a period of several minutes during the deployment where your Studio is intermittently unavailable but this should not affect running applications or end-users of apps.

The major new feature of this release is Data Sources for Forms:

  • Create custom Data Sources that can connect to any back-end system

  • Set the update schedule for the Data Source

  • Implement a Data Source as an MBaaS Service in Node.js

  • Example Data Sources provided as starting points

  • Populate various Form fields from Data Sources including drop-downs and radio-boxes

  • Display textual information from Data Sources in Forms

  • Non-technical users can make use of Data Sources without coding

  • Share Data Sources across Forms and/or provide multiple Data Sources from one MBaaS Service

The release also includes a wide range of bug fixes and enhancements, particularly for Forms.

Further details on this feature will follow here at deployment time.